Safety Codes Permits

All Safety Codes Permits (Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas & Private Sewage Systems) for work in the Town are to be applied for through the Town of Redcliff. Applications can be made at the Town Office. Development Permits are applied for at the Town Office. Each application for a Development Permit, a completed Development Permit Application form is required along with the supporting information and fee.

Some developments have been exempted in the Land Use Bylaw from requiring a Development Permit. If you have any questions whether the scope of work you are going to do is considered development and whether it requires a permit, please stop by the office or contact the Planning and Engineering Department at 403-548-9263.

A Development Permit is required prior to the start of development. Development is defined as:

• construction of a building or structure,
• addition to a building or structure,
• modification of a building or structure,
• demolition of a building or structure,
• excavation or stockpile,
• change in use, or
• change in intensity of the existing use.