Safety Codes Permits

All Safety Codes Permits (Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas & Private Sewage Systems) for work in the Town are to be applied for through the Town of Redcliff. Applications can be made at the Town Office. Each application for a Development Permit, a completed Development Permit Application form is required along with the supporting information and fee.

Some developments have been exempted in the Land Use Bylaw from requiring a Development Permit. If you have any questions whether the scope of work you are going to do is considered development and whether it requires a permit, please stop by the office or contact the Development Officer at 403-548-9231.

A Development Permit is required prior to the start of development. Development is defined as:

• construction of a building or structure,
• addition to a building or structure,
• modification of a building or structure,
• demolition of a building or structure,
• excavation or stockpile,
• change in use, or
• change in intensity of the existing use.