Fire Department

The Redcliff Fire Department has a staff of approximately 20-24, dedicated, committed and caring, paid-on-call members whose primary concerns are to protect the lives, property, well-being and environment of the residents and business owners/operators in the Town of Redcliff in a safe and responsible manner. The town also employs a Fire Chief in a part-time position to manage the people and affairs of the department.

The department does periodically recruit new members, and while a background in firefighting is an asset, the department will hire persons without experience and facilitate the training that is required.

While the department is not presently recruiting, the town does encourage anyone interested in becoming a member of the paid-on-call department to monitor the Town’s social media platforms and website for news of openings.

The requirements to being hired by the fire department are that the person applying is physically fit, at least 18 years of age, have a valid drivers licence, and that the person must either live or work in the town.

For an emergency: Dial 9-1-1

Fire Hall Location:
1 Main St S, Redcliff, AB T0J 2P2

For non-emergency services:  403-548-6410

Community & Protective Services:
403-548-6410 or

The Town of Redcliff department is a volunteer department that provides primary fire and emergency medical services to the Town.  The department has a volunteer staff of approximately 21 active members managed by a part-time Chief.

The Town of Redcliff from time to time seeks volunteers to fill roster spots due to changes or growth experienced by the Town.  Active recruitments are posted on the Employment Page, however, we encourage anyone who might be interested to fill out an application at any time which will be considered during recruitment initiatives.

Basic requirements include being a resident of Redcliff, at least 18 years of age, and to be physically fit.  For more information about being a volunteer firefighter, including compensation, contact the Chief at

For information on acceptable fire pits within Redcliff please see the Fire Services Bylaw. To apply for the building or maintaining of a fire pit in accordance with Section 47 of Bylaw No. 1757/2013, please see the Fire Pit Approval Application.

The Town of Redcliff has a Fire Services Bylaw (1757/2013) that authorizes the control of fireworks within the Town.  The Bylaw states that no person shall ignite fireworks unless they have obtained a fireworks ignition permit and is qualified as a fireworks supervisor under the Government of Canada Natural Resources.  The Fire Chief may, upon written application in a prescribed form, issue a fireworks ignition permit and, in doing so, may impose any terms, conditions or restrictions that he may consider necessary in order to ensure the safety of the citizens of the Town.

We are aiming to make Redcliff a safer place to live and work. Use the Inspection Application & Self-Inspection Checklist to prepare and apply for your inspection.

A permit is required for all outdoor fires occurring in the Town of Redcliff, excluding fires in an acceptable fire pit as per the Fire Services Bylaw. To apply for a Fire Permit, please see the Fire Pit Application.