The Town of Redcliff accepts the following methods of payment:

Town of Redcliff, Box 40, Redcliff, AB, T0J 2P0.

Payments accepted through mail only include cheques.

Post-Dated cheques are accepted and are deposited on the cheque date. Please ensure your tax roll number and/or remittance slip are included with your cheques and that they are completed accurately. The Town of Redcliff is not responsible for errors and/or omissions.

You may pay your utility bills, property tax, dog license, business license, and other account receivables online through your My Redcliff Account.

Payments accepted through My Redcliff include Visa, MasterCard, Debit Visa, and Debit MasterCard.

If you do not have a My Redcliff account, click on the button below.  With a Town of Redcliff bill handy, click on ‘Sign In’ and then ‘Activate your account with us’, then select a Username, Password, and enter your email address.  In order to verify that you are a resident, you will be required to enter some personal information.  This information must match your Town of Redcliff Bill exactly as it appears on the document.  You will then be emailed a new account confirmation.  If you are able to sign up, please call the Corporate Services Department at 403-548-3618 or email your request to

Payments can be made online with a credit card if you do not wish to set up a My Redcliff Account, or you are unable to (i.e. you are paying for a bill that is not in your name).  To access PaySimply, visit and search for “Redcliff”.  You can then select the bill type you would like to pay (Accounts Receivable, Utilities, Taxes, or Landfill).  All you will need to complete the payment is an email address for a receipt to be sent to, the name as it appears on the invoice, your account number (without the decimal for Utilities), and the amount you wish to pay.

Payments accepted online through Internet/Telephone banking are transferred electronically from your bank account.

Utility Payments: You will need to verify what account you are paying by using the heading “Redcliff (Town of) Utilities”, along with your utility account number (without the decimal) which is located on your utility bill.

Tax Payments: You will need to verify the account you are paying by using the heading “Redcliff (Town of) Taxes”, along with your roll number which is found on your combined tax and assessment notice.

Accounts Receivable Payments: You will need to verify the account you are paying by using the heading “Redcliff (Town of) Accounts Receivable”, along with your customer ID number which is located on your invoice.

Please contact the Corporate Services Department if you need help locating your customer ID number, roll number, or account number.

#1 – 3rd St NE, Redcliff, AB.
Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.
Payments accepted: Cash, Cheque, Interac (debit), Visa** and MasterCard**.

**Credit cards are not accepted as payment for property taxes in person.

Located just north of the main entrance to Town Hall.

Payments accepted in the After Hours Drop Box include cheque or cash.  The Town will not be responsible for deposits held in the After Hours Drop Box.  The After Hours Drop Box is emptied by Town staff every morning.

Accounts Receivable

Some charges may be billed such as permits, landfill charges, or the message board. Invoices are sent monthly. Unpaid invoices will be penalized after 30 days, with collections processes commencing after 60 days.

Utility Payments and Arrears

An arrears notice is a reminder that the utility account is past due. If an owner’s utility account becomes 60 days overdue, the utility account will be transferred to the property tax roll account. If a renter’s utility account becomes 60 days overdue, the renter will be signed off of utilities and the property owner will be signed on.

Automatic Monthly Withdrawal through the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) for Property Taxes.

Payments are paid monthly directly from your bank account through a pre-authorized payment plan. The TIPP spreads the one-time tax payment throughout the year from January through December.

Automatic Bi-Monthly Withdrawal through the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAP) for Utilities.

Payments are paid bi-monthly directly from your bank account through a pre-authorized payment plan.