Residents and Property Damage

From time to time residents of the Town of Redcliff may experience property or personal damage from various incidents involving such things as our utility infrastructure, road conditions, or staff equipment operations.

The Town of Redcliff sincerely regrets any misfortune that you may encounter and will work as quickly as possible to investigate and resolve the situation that may have caused this incident.

To assist you through this frustrating and difficult time, we would like to identify some things you should know and do.

Things you should know and do:

1. Assess your damage to determine if you will require professional assistance to repair, clean or restore your home or personal property.

2. If you require immediate assistance you should contact a private contractor who is capable of assisting you with your situation.

3. Staff from the Town of Redcliff are not permitted to assist you with any repair, clean up, or restoration of your home or personal property.

4. If damages to your home or personal property are significant, The Town of Redcliff recommends that you contact your Insurance Broker as soon as possible and inform them of them of the situation.

5. If you feel that you are warranted in filing a claim against the Town of Redcliff for damages that you incurred, please contact the Legislation and Development Director at the Town Office at 403-548-3618. The office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 m. to 4:30 p.m.  The Legislation and Development Director will inform you of the process you should follow in filing this claim.

6. An “Insurance Adjuster” will likely be assigned by one or both parties to investigate the This is required to determine any negligence or responsibility for costs associated with any property repairs.

7. The Town of Redcliff will not accept responsibility of any costs associated with the incident unless advised by their Insurance Adjuster or as per Town of Redcliff Insurance Claims Policy.