Automated Solid Waste Collection System

The Town of Redcliff has been using an Automated Collection System in the community since 1991. This collection system appears to be the resident preferred method of collecting both household and commercial waste. With good neighbourly co-operation, our streets and lanes will be clean and safe.

Lane Collection

The majority of residents are served by a large steel container placed in the back lane. The Town of Redcliff provides the container, but if a container is willfully damaged offenders will be assessed for repair costs.

The containers are evenly placed with the intent of serving up to four households. Garbage should be properly packaged in sturdy plastic bags, boxes should be flattened, and lids should be left closed.

Curb Collection (front pick up areas only)

A small portion of the residents are served by curb collection. Individual residents are provided with their own large plastic rollout container to store conveniently on their property until collection.

Please provide a minimum of one-meter clearance around the cart in order to allow for efficient collection. Avoid overloading the cart as the lids must be closed – no material on top or outside the cart will be collected.


Please note that all black roll-out bins will be collected on Tuesdays, and commercial bins will be collected on Thursdays.

The above map reads as follows:

Monday – Blue

Tuesday – Green

Wednesday – Orange

Thursday – Red

All household waste and yard trimmings, as long as it fits in the container with the lid closed. Lawn and garden rubbish, including grass cuttings, must be bagged or boxed. Tree branches must be cut into four-foot lengths or smaller.

Poisons, acids, caustics, explosives, or other dangerous material should not be placed in the container. Also, sod, concrete, building materials, appliances, and furniture cannot be put into the containers. You should make arrangements to have this material hauled to an acceptable disposal site by yourself or by a private hauler.

Normally, the containers will be emptied once a week. Please view the Garbage Collection Route Map to learn which zone you fall under.

It is perfectly acceptable to use another residential container. If you have excessive waste it is encouraged that you haul it to the landfill rather than overfill your bin.

All curbside collection is done on Tuesdays. If it falls on a statutory holiday, the collection will take place the following business day. On collection day, your cart must be placed on the street prior to 7:00 AM with the wheels of the cart in the curb. There should be a minimum of one meter of clearance around the cart in order to allow for efficient collection.

Overloading the containers may cause damage to the container itself, but may also damage the lifting device on the collection vehicle. Overloaded containers tend to cause litter issues as material can escape the container through the open lid.

Recycling Drop Off

The Town’s Recycling Drop Off Facility is located at 702 South Railway Drive NE (across from Servus Credit Union) and is open 24 hours a day.

Residents may drop off aluminum, tin, plastic, cardboard and paper. Materials should be emptied, flattened, clean, dry and made from only one (1) material. No hazardous waste, combustible items or glass will be accepted at this location.

Due to supply issues, residents may notice that bins may be different colours and/or sizes temporarily in order to have the facility open as soon as possible. Please pay special attention to the labelling on each bin to ensure the materials are placed in the proper bin.

Acceptable Materials

Aluminum & Tin

  • Clean aluminum and tin cans


  • Clean household plastics 2 – 7
  • Plastic grocery bags


  • Clean and flattened cardboard and boxboard (e.g. cereal boxes, moving boxes)


  • Mail/junk mail, newsprint, magazines, office paper, greeting cards, paper bags, etc.
  • Shredded paper bagged in a clear plastic bag.

Ensure that all materials are:

  • Empty
  • Rinsed
  • Flattened
  • Clean
  • Dry
  • Made from only one (1) material