Water Treatment Plant

The water utility serves more than 2350 homes and businesses within the corporate limits of Redcliff. Water is drawn from the South Saskatchewan River, treated at our water treatment plant, and distributed throughout Town by approximately 60 km of water lines.


Wastewater is collected throughout Town and then sent to the City of Medicine Hat for processing.

Tour of Redcliff’s Water Treatment Plant

Yes your water is safe to drink. The water that leaves the Town of Redcliff Water Treatment Plant meets or exceeds all conditions of the “Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality” standards. The Town of Redcliff tests the water continually for quality and follows all provincial and federal guidelines to ensure the water is safe. Should there be a non-compliance issue, water treatment plant staff are required to report the incident immediately to the Alberta Environment and Parks.

The Town of Redcliff uses surface water supply from the South Saskatchewan River as the source of drinking water for the community. All surface water supplies are susceptible to high turbidity and high organic loading during the annual spring snow melt and runoff. These conditions can give the raw water a disagreeable odor and taste. The current treatment process at our water treatment plant is capable of removing some of these taste and odor conditions.

If you happen to see large volumes of water on a street or running down a street that shouldn’t be present due to natural runoff or precipitation please call Town Hall during regular business hours at 403-548-3618 or the after hours emergency line at 403-502-8836.