Planning and Operations Department is responsible for ensuring efficient, aesthetic, and functional development of land according to the high-level vision for Redcliff set in the Municipal Development Plan.

Planning and Operations accomplishes this by:

  • Consulting the public and stakeholders on their vision and ideas for Redcliff;
  • Ensuring there are both long and short-term planning goals for the development of Redcliff;
  • Drafting both high level and detailed municipal planning documents and policies to guide decision-making;
  • Interpreting and implementing the Municipal Government Act and Redcliff’s Municipal Development Plan, Land Use Bylaw, and additional plans and policies; and
  • Providing advice to Town Council, the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board and the Municipal Planning Commission on applications or potential development.

Contact Information

General Inquiries Line: 403-548-3618

Municipal Development Plan
Hierarchy of Planning Documents

The provincial government’s established hierarchy of planning documents requires lower level documents to be consistent with higher level documents. Redcliff’s planning documents must be consistent with the Municipal Government Act, South Saskatchewan Regional Plan and Tri-Area Intermunicipal Development Plan. Redcliff’s current and future Area Structure Plans, Area Redevelopment Plans, and Land Use Bylaw must be consistent with Redcliff’s MDP.